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Dana Hokin has launched a jewelry collection inspired by her travels, (by sea, rail, air, foot, ’66 Ford Mustang convertible), and designed to gracefully stand up to the elements: from stand-up board to the boardroom. Her collaboration with designer Margaret J. Harris has led to this custom collection of one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces, belts and accessories that are hand braided in the round using multi strands of natural dyed leather. Unique materials from around the world – fresh water pearls, semi precious stones, base metal and antique sterling silver charms, handmade glass and ceramic beads are elegantly incorporated into each piece along with the signature brass “lifesaver” clasp. Visit the collection.

To learn more about the back story of Dana’s collaboration with Margaret J. Harris, check out this blog post here!

Dana has many other inspired projects up her sleeve. Want to know more? Say hello at dh@danahokin.com.